Easy At-Home Plantar Fasciitis Cure

1Experiencing plantar fasciitis, pain and stiffness along the bottom of your foot and heel, can really limit your ability to go about your daily routine. There are several effective things you can do to decrease the inflammation of the thick tissue running along the sole of the foot in order to decrease the pain you feel when standing, running or walking.

Stretching Exercises

Go slowly when doing any exercise that stretches the fascia, the thick muscle located on the bottom of the foot. Done on a regular basis, stretching exercises are a very helpful at-home plantar fasciitis cure. Sit on the floor close to a wall and prop your toes against the wall. Keep the arch of your foot and your heel flat against the floor, exerting pressure to stretch out your toes. Hold for ten seconds before releasing, then repeat at least three more times.

Another effective cure for plantar fasciitis involves a plastic water or soda bottle filled with water that has been placed in the freezer until solid. Place the bottle under the arch of your foot, rolling the bottle back and forth in order to stretch the fascia tendon using ice, which also helps to eliminate any pain.


A single golf ball or small hard rubber ball can also be placed in the freezer, then positioned under the front of the foot, rolling it toward your heel, then rolling it up towards the toes again, helping to gently massage the length of the muscle under the foot. While sitting at night watching TV, use your fingers to massage any tension out of both feet to eliminate tightness. Check your shoes to make sure they provide your feet with proper support or get insoles.


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